my thought on mmf

so magentic was A LOT of fun! i dancing, i couldn’t stop smiling, and all the artists were wonderful (some better than others lol) but all in all everyone there really enjoyed themselves..

however i will say the extended sound checks, sound quality, and the constant interruptions of sets because production couldn’t figure out to to get the sound boards to work so then djs were pissed b/c they couldn’t play music.. usually it was fixed quickly but def a bummer to stand around waiting while they figure out what’s wrong with the sounds and how to fix it. very unprofessional. 

also the 16+ to enter kind of sucked, but the youngins were easily avoidable. bummed the show ended at 11 but i understand city ordinances. 

All the artists played a good sets but some def weren’t giving it their best. however i enjoyed all the acts and got to see all artist who i wanted to see play. Markus Shultz, Cazzette, Flux, Dash Berlin Flosstradamus, and even Kid Cudi really were good live. 

All in all I had a trippy day running around with my boyfriend dancing, laughing, and playing. I had my music blasting and my favorite person to run around and be goofy with. It was a fun place and the magic was everywhere. I had a blast but I’m still unsure I’ll go back next year ~

feeling better, got some shit done.. my rooms a little cleaner.. got some more work to do tomorrow. 

how do you give up on something you love so much?